Our Bahasa Indonesia NLP solution will help businesses in many scenarios, such as documents extraction and review, surveys processes, data aggregation and mapping, sentiment analytics, conversational search, and many others.

This NLP solution has been built using the technology and algorithm best fits for Bahasa Indonesia. Customers using this solution will be benefited from its continuous learning.


AI may have a larger impact on the economy by serving as a new general-purpose technology. Nawatech delivers a continuous innovation and R&D. We use cross-disciplinary research and development in which technology for artificial intelligence and analytics is developed in parallel with value creation, business models, and system architecture design.

Nawatech - Data and AI Solutions Innovation
Nawatech - Data and AI Solutions Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Working with our innovation team, we design and build solution products that driven by data and AI and solves actual problems. These products are built with an agile outcome based approach, with the most recent technology stacks available. We continuously learn and strive to not only be the world-class craftsmen of code, but also with understanding the business and industry.

Consulting Service

Nawatech help our customers to convert their problems and ideas into solutions. We bring our years of experience in the enterprise and multi-national companies within various vertical industries, to deliver ideation, plan, design, development, test, and deployment of the solution. We will bring know-how to your projects from day one.

Nawatech - Data and AI Solutions Consulting Service
Nawatech - Data and AI Solutions Managed Services

Managed Services

AI solution projects are often a journey of successes. Nawatech is committed to take the journey together with our customers, from one milestone of success to another. Our managed services offering can be customized based on your needs. Our experienced team is ready to provide 24/7 support with SLAs to make sure your business is up and running.